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We Are Pagans of Color
This is a blog for and by Pagans of Color.

We are different people, from different Pagan traditions, with different experience levels, and from different ethnic backgrounds. Together, we form a strong community with a great deal of valuable knowledge and perspectives.

In our experience, we’ve found that having a safe space within the Tumblr Pagan community is essential. The recent controversy surrounding the mere idea of a Pagans of Color blog has made it clear to us that this space is necessary. It is a place we are welcome, comfortable, and free. We can write about our traditions and our experiences among people who understand and relate. We can celebrate our heritage and our practices.

However, while this blog is a place for People of Color, it is not “exclusive”: anyone can follow, ask questions, reblog, and engage. We encourage (polite) questions - if you want to know about or have a question that concerns Pagans of Color, please ask Pagans of Color. Don’t ask other people. Ask us.

Please feel free to submit content that would be appropriate for this blog. If we feel it’s a good fit, we will post it. But in this space, we have the power to decide.

We look forward to engaging with all of you in a spirit of openness and learning.


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theuniverseisfinite asked : Hello! I'm an author who writes a modern fantasy series. I'm rooting some of my writing in research in pagan religion and witchcraft. Currently, I'm building a periodic table of magic with my findings. In your opinion, what is the very basis of ALL magic? What makes it all work?

That differs from one person to the next.  I think it’s something in whatever makes us us, which some say is the soul but I don’t know if that’s it.  Everyone has it, but some reject it and close it off as they grow up so it’s never any good.  That is until the decide to wake it up again.


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Anonymous asked : i don't know how much any of you are familiar with angels, but i was wondering if you know how to distinguish the presence of angels with any other type of spirit, deity, etc? i believe all of my experiences have been with angels (and they have been positive) but i sometimes wonder if there are other forces that could take advantage, and how i would recognize it?

Well, as far as I know when I’m around angels I can’t speak. xD Or I could, but I have the strong urge not to.  They also feel bright and solid to me, compared to other spirits which have different qualities.  For example, to me ghosts are cold and hollow, Sylvia (a non human spirit in the form of a horse) is a pressure on my neck and occasionally a change in temperature.  So it’s more a matter of figuring out differences.  To do this, you can ask them.  Chances are though if you’re not also a follower of God (as in Christian supreme deity) then they’re not angels as they go hand in hand.

Anyone else have input?


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Hello Pagans of Color!

MisSpelled is the spellbinding tale of five very different young women who must learn to work together after they mysteriously acquire magical powers.

Our Kickstarter campaign didn’t get fully funded but we have not been defeated! We are trying again with IndieGogo. Adjusted reward levels and have a bunch of great things to come for MisSpelled!

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for our show to continue. Every lead in our show is a women of color. That is unheard of in our industry! If you want to see for yourself what life is like as an actress of color, watch here. It’s not pretty.

Follow Us On Tumblr

The link I added should be to a playlist of all episodes! If not:

Watch Our SpellBinding Series Below!! Help Share The Magic


Pagans of Color would like to ask everyone to contact MisSpelled about the show and not us.  We got a lot of questions about the show last time and we just can’t answer them.  Thank you!

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Anonymous asked : (me with the smudging question) I usually refer to it as smudging because I've never come across another name for it and I haven't really been able to come up with one. Basically the only thing in common is that the end result is some herbs being burnt in a little dish - the herbs used depend on the ritual, but I stay away from sage (it's getting endangered) and other herbs commonly used in Native American practices, because I don't want to offend anyone.

"Commonly used in Native American practices"

Do you have any idea how many dozens of tribes there are across the Americas? From the Iroqouis to the Muisca, from the Inca to the Apache. Saying that makes as much sense as saying “common herbs Africans use”, and you wouldn’t say that, now would you?

The idea of burning herbs to cleanse the space in a spiritual sense isn’t particular to peoples indigenous to the Americas. It’s a thing in China today, was a thing in Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, it’s a current thing in the Catholic Church (Church incense), folk Catholic traditions, African Diaspora Traditions, African Traditional Religions, folk practices otherwise all over the world.

It’s very common.

Also herbs. Very few herbs are actually US-only. A lot of them, like sage, has a lot of species all over the world.

You’re just smoke cleansing.

That’s it.

You are cleansing with smoke.


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crows-cats-and-cackles asked : I'm really glad I stumbled across your blog. You all are so nice, and it's wonderful to feel like I fit in somewhere. Much love, my brothers, sisters and those of a persuasion not covered in the aforementioned categories.

Thank you and welcome! There are several mods here and I’m sure we’d all say the same. Welcome!!


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seasidehare asked : Would you consider using content warnings if you're going to discuss/mention rape? Tagging with #rape or #rape tw or #rape cw or anything of that sort would be really appreciated. Thanks for reading.

We’ll do our best.  Please don’t hesitate to remind us if we mess up.


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Anonymous asked : Why do you track people's IP addresses?

I have it on default from my blog. Because I get death threats and hate mail regularly, usually of the racist kind or of the religious kind.


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Anonymous asked : Do you think that smudging is cultural appropriation? I'm a black pagan, but since I'm in no way related to Native Americans, I was wondering if smudging is considered CA. I personally think that it would be if it's done using the same tools/in the same style as Native Americans, but if it's done differently and not passed off as a cheap "authentic shamanism" sort of way, would it still be CA? I use different herbs and a different method than NA, so the practice for me is related, but not same.

Yes it’s cultural appropriation, but smudging in particular is one of those things where some tribes are like “whatever” and others are like “HOW DARE YOU”.

However, smudging is a very particular ritual and technique with a very particular combination of herbs. If you are using neither the technique nor the herbs, then why are you calling it smudging?



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Anonymous asked : People are tone policing I think. Its not like running a tumblr blog means you have to give good customer service or whatever, ppl arent being paid to pretend shit doesn't annoy them. However in that same post, the wording about some religions having the "decency" to educate the "common masses" struck me as kind of weird. Not every spiritual practice can be exoteric, it can be by design, by content, or for protection based on the taboos of the culture surrounding them. Little to do with decency.

It was more sarcastic, because peoples in closed cultures educating outsiders on their practices and faiths and systems has never ended well.

Look at the bastardization that has become of Orishas and Lwa, as just other entries in some arbitrary and honestly profane list of “Gods and Goddesses” in books like Ravenwolf’s wicca crap. The desecration people do with North American native spirituality/religion as well. Etc etc etc.

Closed things becoming open to the masses has invariably ended in a fetsihization of peoples.

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Anonymous asked : If I want to use the word Hispanic for myself I can. Don't tell me what I can and cannot call myself when I am a part of the oppressed group. You don't get to police what terms I reclaim so a big fuck you to you.

I am going to tell you that you are trying to reclaim a term that was used to try to claim whiteness for Latinos (which failed misterably) but also as an attempt by the US to only give value to who you are by the European country who raped your ancestors.

These are facts.


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