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We Are Pagans of Color
This is a blog for and by Pagans of Color.

We are different people, from different Pagan traditions, with different experience levels, and from different ethnic backgrounds. Together, we form a strong community with a great deal of valuable knowledge and perspectives.

In our experience, we’ve found that having a safe space within the Tumblr Pagan community is essential. The recent controversy surrounding the mere idea of a Pagans of Color blog has made it clear to us that this space is necessary. It is a place we are welcome, comfortable, and free. We can write about our traditions and our experiences among people who understand and relate. We can celebrate our heritage and our practices.

However, while this blog is a place for People of Color, it is not “exclusive”: anyone can follow, ask questions, reblog, and engage. We encourage (polite) questions - if you want to know about or have a question that concerns Pagans of Color, please ask Pagans of Color. Don’t ask other people. Ask us.

Please feel free to submit content that would be appropriate for this blog. If we feel it’s a good fit, we will post it. But in this space, we have the power to decide.

We look forward to engaging with all of you in a spirit of openness and learning.


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Informative video on high quality crystal balls - how the quality affects energy flow and ability to scry with them and more. I really appreciate the effort that went in to this video and thought I’d share it with you all -Claudia

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 #crystal  #quartz crystal  #crystal ball  #scrying  #pagan
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